July 16, 2022

frozen dessert maker reviews

Topic: frozen dessert maker reviews

It has always been an envious feeling for me to be around fruit lovers. The dessert of choice for me is rich, sweet ice cream. There is no comparison between grapes and wine. When I discovered Yonanas, my life changed forever I realized what my losing battle of tricking my brain into thinking fruit was dessert was missing when I discovered . This is a kitchen appliance that turns frozen fruit into soft serve.

I would argue that the decadent, creamy texture is what makes ice cream, well, ice cream, not just the flavor. Yonanas fills exactly that void.

Yonanas is different from other ice cream-making appliances in that it does not require a recipe, tedious prep work, or two days of preparation. It allows you to transform frozen fruit into an ice cream-like dessert for those who enjoy cold, creamy desserts. In addition, the machine is reasonably priced (you can pIn addition, the machine is reasonably priced (you can pick one up on Amazon.which can add to the calorie and fat content of your treat).


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  • EASY TO USE – Within minutes, turn any frozen fruit into a smooth, ice-cream-like treat without additional fats, sugars, or preservatives.
  • VERSATILITY – Create your own healthy, vegan, keto, and dairy-free treats or use the 36 included recipes for simple, homemade desserts like pies, parfaits, and sorbets
  • QUICK AND EASY CLEANING – All removable parts are dishwasher safe, and the base can easily be wiped clean after each use.
  • It is the perfect serving size – You may add enough to feed the entire family or you may make one serving for yourself
  • STRESS FREE – Our brand has been trusted for more than a decade, we provide one year of limited defective coverage, and we are BPA free
  • This kit comes with the following components: a motor base, a chute, a blade base, a gasket, a screw cap, and a recipe book.  

Yonanas: Does it really work?

Yonanas did not impress me
I’m amazed that I, an ice cream fiend, was satisfied with what I made in this machine. Additionally, it’s a great way to use up over-ripe bananas that would otherwise be thrown away or used for yet another banana bread. The machine’s only drawback is that a considerable amount of fruit tends to get stuck in the blade and in the chute.

Even though it’s not a huge deal (I simply scrape any excess into my bowl), it certainly counteracts the “minimizing food waste” feature if you don’t use the leftovers.

Yonanas is definitely worth trying if you’re trying to cut down on how much ice cream you consume, or if you’re following a vegan, keto, or dairy-free diet. It might not taste as good as real ice cream, but it has a similar texture to soft serve due to its unique mechanics. Since the Yonana treats are made out of fruit, they can be eaten mid-morning or after dinner without adding any extra calories.

The Yonanas Maker: How to Use It

It is really easy to use the Yonanas Maker. There are five pieces that make up the machine, including a base (that contains the motor) and an electrical cord.

  • Using a plunger
  • Chute & Blade
  • CoverBlade Cone
  • Gaske
  • Bottom Cap
 The mounting piece is created by fitting pieces 2-5 together. Gaskets are used to prevent leaks in bottom caps.  As the piece that processes the food in order to create the dessert, the blade cone fits on top of the gasket. This is what screws on to the base: the chute and blade cover. In order to create the final product, the plunger piece pushes the slightly thawed frozen fruit into the machine.
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