bdappliancestore We are a curated marketplace for unique and edgy products in the kitchen and home appliances category.
A group of people founded us in 2018 because they wanted to break away from boring mall clothing and accessory stores.

Since there was no one-stop shop that celebrated our attitudes and provided the best items home appliances online we wanted to display our unique tastes, we created bdappliancestore.
The warehouse ships hundreds of items all over the world, and we offer a very easy transaction with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Appliances for your kitchen and home

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Our goal was to expand beyond the mainstream when we founded bdappliancestore.
We want to reach others tired of the same old clothes and cookie-cutter accessories.

Whenever you are looking for home and kitchen appliances, we want to be the place you go.

Our products are designed to let you express your lifestyle and follow your passions.

Our goal is for you to party hard, attend shows, create art, and look and feel badass while doing it all.
It’s important to us that you are yourself.
You should be unique. Embrace your uniqueness.